HNI Identification

An organization which has public and financial dealings always has few important customers and visitors. The important customers are those who contribute significantly in their business and their opinions and contributions matter a great deal in organizational growth. These important customers and visitors are identified as HNI (High Net-worth Individual). All these organizations intend to keep the HNI well informed of new Products, Promotions and any activity of interest to obtain HNIís contribution. Let us take example of a Bank, the call centreís of Bank make series of calls to these individuals but may not succeed in grabbing their attention. The reasons can be that the individual is not in right mood to absorb the communication (as the call may be at a wrong time) and secondly such individuals would prefer to have a personal touch to these communications. It has been observed that such important individuals visit the bank / branch but they become unnoticed and again communication between those clients has to be re-established at the cost of precious time. As a contribution to this vertical, i-TEK has proposed the HNI Identification system for the banking sector, our solution focuses on the loss of opportunity costs as it becomes so high that our proposed solution help ROI to be obtained within few months.


  • Administrator and personalize the RFID Card for HNI. The details can be retrieved from the central database
  • As soon as the HNI enters the premises a WELCOME message can be sent via SMS to the individual. At the same SMS & Email messages can be triggered to the responsible executives.