Work in Process

Optimal production management aims to minimize work in process. Work in process requires storage space, represents bound capital not available for investment and carries an inherent risk of earlier expiration of shelf life of the products. A queue leading to a production step shows that the step is well buffered for shortage in supplies from preceding steps, but may also indicate insufficient capacity to process the output from these preceding steps.

i-TEK has applied the RFID technology to identify work items in process flow. For locating the products additional requirements must be considered to ensure not only presence of work items, but also knowledge of the whereabouts of these items. This is a mandatory condition in flexible production lines with paralleled work positions for single steps of production.

Automotive Manufacturing: In one of India’s leading car manufacturing facility i-TEK has implemented a combination of LF, HF, and UHF technology for WIP. It is used for tracking of more than 1,500 carriers / skids / pallets spread across the plant. This system is integrated seamlessly with the MES.

Manufacturing: i-TEK’s combination of HF & UHF based solution for tracking of thousands of trolleys carrying the product is used at world’s second largest of its kind manufacturing facility. These trolleys pass through various manufacturing processes including QC. The status of trolley is updated on the RFID tag and the zone-wise location is updated in the centralised application.

Auto dealership (Sales & Service): i-TEK has developed a RFID-NFC based solution to track the vehicle's custody, location, service status while it is under service. The vehicle is tagged at the time of sale. The vehicle is also tracked in the yard / parking area before it is sold.