Access Control

Our Access control system is designed to offer unique and secure services for corporate environment of all kinds. i-TEK proposes the use of Contactless technology which is based on Radio Frequency Identification for our Time attendance and Access control solutions, for the purpose of ensuring that the right person is granted access to his premises. Our Smart ID Management system will be in place which will ensure the card personalization, issuance and maintenance. i-TEK Smart, the middleware shall ensure that the transactions from each reader reaches the centralized application (smart ID ACS) and vice versa. Our Smart ID ACS shall have a local database to manage the access rights and store access transactions of the clients. A visitor management system named as i-TEK Visit can also be applicable in places to provide access rights to the visitors and can be authorized by the gate keeper. A smart ID shall be issued to each visitor with the validity assigned to it.

It works with Smart ID, i-TEK RFAC readers and database servers. It is to be hosted in a secure access control room.

i-TEK Visit:
This system is a browser based application. A smart ID is issued to the visitor which is mapped against his name. Access rights are defined and uploaded to the Smart ID ACS.

i-TEK Smart:
This is the middleware which helps in data collection from the readers that are in place. It functions in conjunction with the Smart ID ACS. This works on a client-server architecture for performing access.


  • Centralized control for all client locations
  • Secure access through different encryption techniques
  • Biometrics enabled user access for client requirement