Asset Management

Every organization is known by its assets. These assets include fixed and portable assets. Organizations also classify them as IT and Non-IT assets. Typically these assets are assigned a unique identification number after procurement. The details related to the asset are then maintained in the database against the asset ID. The asset ID is written on the asset or is printed on a paper label and pasted onto the asset. As the IDs are human readable the identification and tracking of the assets is done manually. The physical stock reconciliation is also done manually.

There is a need of a machine readable, electronic, programmable and re-programmable ID to facilitate offline automatic identification and data capture.

Our solution in Asset Management covers tracking and monitoring of items that form part of basic IT Infrastructure, such as (Laptop, Desktop, Mobiles, Printers, and valuable items), present in a corporate environment. The existing software for asset management developed by i-TEK is RFID compatible using the respective hardware APIs and DLLs. The asset ID generated by the software is mapped with the unique serial number of the RFID transponder IC.


  • Improves efficiency in tracking the Assets
  • Maintains a check on the Warranty time constraint of Assets
  • All the tagged Assets are listed on the database with a unique serial number.