Automatic Vehicle Identification

Vehicle tracking and providing access grants for vehicles is an ever increasing requirement in all business environments. Our long-range identification system is proposed to facilitate true hands-free vehicle identification. With our solution in place vehicles can be identified from distances up to 10 metres and at speeds up to 200 Km/h accessible for fast and reliable identification even for robust and challenging environments.

Our application software is used for vehicle tag association, where Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler tags are associated using registration number. Software will facilitate monitoring of vehicle movement (In-Coming and Out-Going vehicles).

This system is used by organizations in order to identify, authorize and grant access to employee vehicles inside company premises. It is also being used at Airports, Toll-gates, Car Rentals and Warehouses for long range vehicle identification. This system has a scalability to identify both the vehicle and also the driver. Our controller integrated within the RFID Transit reader facilitates offline authorization and controls.

RFID Tag for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC):

In concurrence with our Automatic Vehicle Identification System, i-TEK is ready with RFID Tag complying to specifications laid by MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) resolution for ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) / AFC (Automatic Fair Collection). For sample RFID Tags and more information on the regulations for the ETC project, kindly write to us if you are a representative from an Automobile manufacturer with operations based in India. In this regard you can e-mail to us at We would be happy to assist and you will receive a reply from us by the next business day.


  • Convenience through automatic identification of vehicle and the driver over long distances
  • Revenue enhancement through real time information from AVI system
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Highly secure vehicle access
  • Automatic data capture