Container Tracking

The CFS / ICD Industry needs a long term ever lasting solution that will enhance the System for locating and identifying containers stacked within the yard for faster retrieval at an accuracy level of +- one container, and to minimize the under utilization of container yard due to lack of visibility of empty slots so as to improve productivity. Our model for the container industry aims at minimizing the redundant movement of containers from one location to another within the yard by improving the stacking & retrieval operation, thus by reducing the heavy congestion at the container terminals causing delays in locating. We aim further at increasing the visibility leading to customer satisfaction, by providing Real time MIS reports for pro-active decision making.

Features - Our Web based online management system:

  • Container can be registered, associated, dissociated, and deregistered from the system.
  • CFS operators can quickly locate the container with a mouse click and generate a print slip containing the location as well as the map, with an arrow pointing to the container location, of the block the container is in. This print slip can be handed over to the truck driver to help him locate the corresponding container in the yard.
  • The End Customers can login to the system remotely and monitor the status of their containers.
  • CFS operators can quickly find out empty slots available in the CFS
  • CFS operators can quickly find out the stay time of each container and thus help in accurate billing.