File & Document Tracking

An organization which has public and financial dealings generates and obtains a large amount of valuable documents to be maintained for a very long time. Movement tracking and preservation of these documents is of prime concern because these should not be misplaced or lost. The organizations which belong to this category are, for example, Banks, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies and Government Departments. It is a difficult task to maintain and track these valuable documents manually or simply using computer software. The basic need is to capture the identity of a file / document electronically to avoid human errors.

Our RFID enabled File & Document tracking is deployed in HDFC Bank and several other banks are evaluating it by way of paid pilots and proof-of-concepts. The Sets of housing loan documents in HDFC Bank are kept in safe custody of the vault and is tagged using a RFID label. The RFID label is identified, programmed and re-programmed to facilitate Issue from vault, return to vault, searching of document in shelves, physical stock reconciliation and many more. The solution offers complete visibility and control of the document along with fast and accurate retrieval. The HDFC Bank also received the prestigious Special Jury Award by the Indian Banks Association in collaboration with TFCI for this system.


  • Access to vaults shall be restricted to authorized users only.
  • Searching of Files shall be facilitated through Hand Held Reader that does not require Line of Sight to read the RFID tags.
  • The process of File Retrieval and Return will be automated to facilitate Self Check-out and Self Check-in system.
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) will raise an alarm for unauthorized retrieval from the room.