Guard Patrolling

Security of Assets is an age old need of human beings. Housing Complexes, Manufacturing, Plants, Research & Development Units, Residential Educational Institutions and many such places deploy security forces, especially during night hours, to keep a watch. In spite all the precautions still few incidences of theft, sabotage etc. take place. The key to improvement is alertness and systematic approach.

This system is used to monitor and keep log of the physical movement of the guard carrying a RFID reader along the patrol path. The system is uniquely adopted by several organizations that have huge premises.

The principles of Patrolling are:
The secured area is earmarked into segments or single segment depending on the size of the premises. These markings are such that the complete area is patrolled.
Every segment has landmarks which indicate the coverage of patrolling done. Logically the security guard is expected to note the time of reaching each landmark.
Each segment/area of patrolling has predefined Route of Patrolling and it is expected that the guard will follow the route.
Each security guard is given the responsibility of a segment.
The security guard has a set time table for patrolling, for example, it is expected that the guard shall patrol his segment/area three/four times during his night shift.
The security guard marks a register which is the only proof of his compliance of
Patrolling, this system has few weaknesses like accuracy & authenticity of information, Performance of patrolling and effectiveness


  • As the Security Guard is reading every Security Location Indicator Tag set within the segment/area, it is assured/guaranteed that the Guard has been to the location.
  • As the route of patrolling is pre-defined, it means the sequence of tags is known and distance between the tags is known. Because the distance between two tags is known then approximate time to cover the distance can be calculated and compared with the actual time taken by the guard. This improves the performance of patrolling.
  • As the Hand Held Reader always captures the system time, no tampering or manipulation can be done.
  • The data of patrolling is down loaded to main computer where further analysis as per the requirement can be done.