Jewelry Management

Our Jewelry Management System is designed to manage the tracking, distribution, sales and flow of the jewelry items from production across distribution to retail. It facilitates automatic and multiple item identification, accounting, stock taking and sales that improve business efficiency, item security and operational accuracy. Every item in the Jewelry shop is tagged with a RFID loop tag or tamper-evidence tag. The tags are used to identify the jewelry at shelves, identifying on PDA with sales tool, stock taking without human identification dependence and billing at POS machines. The tags can also be reused to justify return-on-investments (ROI).


  • Tag has a unique ID; can be tamper evident and so alert for missing items
  • RFID readers are used to track stock movements
  • Our readers enable tracking of jewelry from factory, to the vault, to sales floor and POS
  • Stock control can be performed quickly at any time of the day
  • Quick & easy search for particular jewelry with handheld device
  • Generates reports on inventory, staff performance, best selling items, etc