Laptop Tracking

Laptops have become the common asset of any IT environment; these assets can also be grouped as liquid assets, as the information stored in the laptops may be invaluable in terms of cost. In order to maintain a check on these assets i-TEK has came out with the solution under laptop tracking system. This system facilitates easy checkout of the laptops outside the company premise without opening the bags and assigning and authorizing access rights as defined in the employee RFID card. An organizations does not feel the pinch of loss / theft of laptop but the organizations can be wiped out due to the loss / theft of the information stored on the laptop which may be of value in millions or billions. This solution aims at controlling and eliminating the loss of valuable data or information. Employees are assigned respective laptops. The organizations have to ensure that the Right employee carries the Right Laptop. The security department of the organization is responsible for this check. This solution is all about establishing the Identity relationship between the Employee and Laptop.


  • Additional information is stored on the laptop tag therefore available offline.
  • Real time IN/OUT information is available.
  • Identify the unauthorized movement.
  • Less human interventions therefore less chances for errors.
  • Quick throughput.