Multi Functional ID

The Educational Institutes have always kept themselves in-synch with the latest technological advances. In the age of Information Technology our Institutes have equipped themselves with excellent IT infrastructure with good PC penetration. These Institutes have well equipped IT laboratories with LAN / WAN / Wi-Fi network along with high speed internet connectivity. It has been observed that there are hardly any applications running on this IT Infrastructure. Even though some Institutes are using online systems and software for applications like admissions, attendance, library, payroll, etc. there is a need of a single integrated system. There may be high level of computerization of the processes but there is further scope for automatisation to reduce the manual intervention and eliminate duplication of effort at various levels.

To achieve the above i-TEK proposes the use of a single multi Functional RFID Smart card to every student and Employee of the Educational Institute to automize its processes. This RFID card is used for the following applications:

1.   Student ID Card from Admissions to Alumni:
2.   Employee ID:
3.   Library Card:
4.   Credit / Debit card:
5.   Attendance Card:
6.   Physical Access Card (Hostel):
7.   Information Kiosk:

In this way our Multi Functional ID can be used for many other applications as well. This technology will be further used for file / document tracking, asset / inventory management, security stamps for certificates / question papers / answer sheets and many more. It can be integrated with biometric data like the finger print to eliminate buddy punching or swapping of cards if any.