Paint Shop

It is difficult to identify and track the car body in the harsh (temperature up to 250C & chemical dip) environment of the paint shop. This results in loss of the visibility and track. i-TEK offers a robust and reliable identification & tracking solution for paint shop environment.

i-TEK system identifies the car body / carrier at every pre-defined strategic location with time-stamp of presence. The system has facility to report the ID & track it on a real-time interface. It integrates seamlessly with the existing ERP / MES. i-TEK system is cost-effective, easy to use and almost maintenance free.


  • Easy to use tag encoding and tag management (heat cycles) interface.
  • Transaction data from i-TEK controller is uploaded accurately over a real-time interface.
  • The data upload is 100% reliable.
  • Automatic connection establishment with interrogator and controller.
  • Error logs are escalated over real-time interface for pro-active decision making and to maintain maximum uptime.
  • Self diagnostic and self healing system.
  • Time stamp of every event maintained accurately.
  • Tag presence linked with body presence to eliminate false reads.
  • Errors reported over GPRS for L2 support.

The system is currently used by one of the largest and most sophisticated Automotive Paint Shops in India.