Trip Monitoring System

i-TEK has proposed the Trip monitoring system for mining industry, that can be used to optimize the plant operation process in mines. The solution is framed in such a way that, an NFC phone is provided to all truck operators and fixed readers are placed near weigh bridge zones where loading and unloading process takes place. These readers upload the collective information to the main database. And at the end of each day, our software aggregates all of the data collected through the NFC phones and fixed-position readers, in order to create a log of that day's activities. This new system will enable to do away with the manual, paper-based records that supervisors previously used to log daily activities, and to collect each truck's ID, location and weight, as well as the grade of the materials collected. At the end of every day, each supervisor's records used to be entered into a main database manually. This RFID-based system has significantly streamlined the process, allowing supervisors to spend more time processing loads and less time taking manual notes. What's more, at the end of each day, plant managers can read the daily reports through the 4r Mines software, rather than having to wait for each supervisor's records to be aggregated.


  • Our technology solutions and systems are very scalable to suit future growth.
  • The safety of Mining personnel is preserved to the most.
  • Our solutions will have an impact towards rise in productivity.
  • Remote administration and control. Middle management would have the advantage of conducting their administration from the underground environment, and underground / surface mining activities can be monitored and controlled in real-time.
  • Hands-on production management in real-time, with the added advantage to take pro-active decisions.
  • Our fully functional application software provides the key ability for the RFID technology to interface with the mining operation. The application software should be:
  • Compatible with scada systems and/or SAP.
  • Able to collect and archive raw data.
  • The software further provides real-time viewing on a mobile GUI of:
  • The position and movement of all vehicles, for both surface and underground applications.