Site Assessment

Container Tracking

The purpose of the site assessment is to evaluate the environment in which the RFID system would come in place. i-TEK’s site assessment services ensures that RFID technical challenges are assessed and any problems are identified. The goals of conducting site assessment are to:

  • Understanding the present system
  • Conceptualizing technology alignment
  • Planning integration with present/existing system
  • Developing Bill of Material
  • Planning an Implementation Schedule
  • Identifying risks


Gate Automation

Businesses across their verticals have commercialized their processes by effective use of appropriate ERP, e-commerce or CRM systems. But there is a need to automate these computerized systems.

The way to automate is to adopt an effective AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology or combination of technologies. These include optical technologies like barcode / OCR, RFID and biometrics.

i-TEK’s experience and vertical specific domain knowledge about various available AIDC options and business requirements makes it an obvious choice for businesses to seek consulting services.