Container Tracking

i-TEK has integrated custom processes with distinct corporate cultures and invented a special 4R methodology to develop applications. These include: Read, Record, Report and Real Time.

i-TEK’s development expertise enable them to provide services at all levels, from minor customization of existing applications to completely new applications built from bespoke code on any platform designed to meet each customer’s unique business requirements, in terms of mobility.


Gate Automation

The RFID and NFC system is positioned as a front end technology used to identify objects / personnel and to capture data. The system can be put in use in an effective way only if it is integrated seamlessly with the existing systems.

i-TEK has gained recognition across verticals due to its proven track record of successfully integrated RFID and NFC systems. i-TEK offers extensive range of services to integrate RFID and NFC systems with ERPs like SAP and many bespoke applications.