Showcasing the real benefits of Item-Level RFID in Retail with the World’s first VR and AR experience developed by i-TEK

VR and AR experience
VR and AR experience

For any Retailer including multi-brand outlets or an exclusive brand outlet, one of the key challenges is effective inventory management. As one of the world’s leading RFID based solution provider in Retail, at i-TEK we customize cutting-edge solutions specific to your business needs.

To give you an immersive experience of how our solutions work, at i-TEK we’ve developed the world’s first demo using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Here, you can virtually experience being in a 10,000 sq.ft. Retail store of multiple formats like apparel to footwear, jewelry to digital electronics and more.

You will get a simulated first-hand feel of scanning 500+ RFID tagged items within a minute using hand-held RFID devices. Besides, you can experience real-time inventory availability, track its movement from Back-of-Store to Front-of-Store, at Fitting Rooms up to Point-of-Sale. You will be able to search the desired RFID tagged item using the unique Geiger search function very efficiently developed by i-TEK and used by thousands of Retail store Associates specially for Omni-channel fulfilment.

In short, this VR experience will help you understand end-to-end inventory visibility across the supply chain in an engaging manner, in a far better way than watching an explainer video or going through a PowerPoint presentation. This easy to set VR demo will enable you to experience the virtual operation of RFID hand-held devices and its controls to fully gauge the operational efficiency of our i-TEK RFID Solution using Meta.

Likewise, through Augmented Reality (AR), all our large and sophisticated RFID apparatus like Smart Conveyor Belts, RFID Cabinets/Shells can be set up and virtually operated at your premises. The logistics and time to visit Live Installation sites can be avoided.

i-TEK has empowered the Associates of hundreds of leading Brands operating thousands of Stores and numerous Distribution Centres across the world, resulting in increased operational efficiency, optimised cost and an enriched customer experience.

We’re excited to be the world’s first and only company to showcase the effectiveness of our RFID retail solutions through this VR and AR experience, and we look forward to having you sign up for this demo.

i-TEK and Tech Mahindra will be showcasing their future-ready #RFID Solutions at Retail's Big Show. Meet us at #NRF2023 from Jan 15-17, Booth-972 Level-1, Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC.