Giving wings to people with desire and ambition.

Herb Kelleher, one of the co-founders of US-based Southwest Airlines famously said ‘Hire for attitude, train for skills’. At i-TEK, besides being an equal opportunity employer, we believe in bringing a meaningful change in the lives of our work force by bridging talent and opportunity.

As a systems integration company, we’re constantly engaged in building new hardware products and creating cutting-edge software solutions. A couple of years back, we were in the process of building our first conveyor belt prototype as a part of our retail offering. To facilitate easy accessibility and faster testing, we decided to build this at our office as opposed to a workshop. So the parking space of our office premises became the makeshift workshop where this conveyor belt was being put together.

Besides the technical staff building it with great detail, the sight of it fascinated one of the security guards employed with the property. He would keenly observe the steps involved in it, and at times chip in with his suggestions and inputs. Once the conveyor belt was built, he started helping with operating the belt and even volunteered to give demos to prospective clients in the absence of the team.

It didn’t take much time for our head of engineering to notice this, and he promptly decided to reward him by offering a suitable position at i-TEK. Today, the security guard is gainfully employed and is a part of i-TEK’s assembly team doing what he loves to do – putting things together and making them work. While his skill found the right opportunity and has opened a whole world of possibilities; we wish him a great future.

So we keep our hiring ideology at i-TEK pretty simple. As a people-driven company, we always make room for people who punch above their weight and show a great degree of alacrity to learn, adapt and grow. After all, such people surely deserve the wings for their ambition to take flight.