Asset Tracking System

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

Tracking of assets is a major concern for every organization, regardless of its size. As an important component of the financial statement, the tracking and accountable management of fixed and movable assets are highly important. A professional RFID based asset tracking mechanism helps companies to identify each fixed and temporary in production. Items with the information like. which asset it is, where it is located, who has it, when it was checked, when it is due for return, when is the maintenance service due and the cost of the asset and depreciation and many such information pointers to drive from the asset tracking system.

i-TEK’s RFID based Asset Tracking System integrates the benefits of RFID Technology (can support Barcode and QR Code as well) that can save time and make you know where to find your business assets. BY using i-TEK’s RFID technology, users can detect and identify multiple items at once without requiring a line of sight, you are able to quickly & accurately identify assets without scanning labels one by one. The RFID equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time. RFID Tracking will automatically update the location and related information of your assets in the system. With over 19 years of successful implementations, our RFID team understands the importance of quality and reliability to every asset tracking solution.

With the help of the latest technology advancements in LF, NFC, HF, UHF and Active, asset tracking can perform in various ways with the help of different hardware options which connects to i-TEK's Asset Tracking Platform. i-TEK, highly experienced and professional in providing tracking solutions and services.

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

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RFID asset tracking involves tagging company assets with RFID tags, which contain a chip and antenna. RFID tags are scanned by either portable or mounted RFID readers. The read range varies depending on the type of chips and readers. It can be short for high-frequency RFID to across 30 feet for ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID. The type of tag and reader must be carefully selected with consideration for the asset and type of reading distance it needs to be scanned.

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

i-TEK brings to you RFID solutions to enable thorough Asset Tracking System (ATS). The highly configurable web-based dashboard allows easy traceability of RFID tagged assets. RFID handheld readers and RF portals allow for a completely automated method to track your inventory, reduce pilferage and increase operational efficiency.

i-TEK ATS enables you to track the complete asset lifecycle with a comprehensive log for each asset - starting from procurement all the way through to retirement. It also supports transfer feature for assets can be transferred to different employees or locations. Assets can be transferred between office locations in the same city or another. It also creates and perform a complete physical audit of thousands of items across multiple locations. System qualify fixed assets quickly and easily for insurance and tax purpose. Audit clarifies items as located, transferred, disposed off and misplaced or missing. It eliminates high cost and time concussion on manual checks. Decrease the probability of human error normally inherent in the manual audit process.

Benefits of RFID in Inventory Tracking

  • On Premise or it can be completely Cloud based IoT infrastructure for online-offline support
  • Improves accuracy by eliminating reliance on human input
  • Secure assets and reduce loss with automated monitoring
  • Improve accountability in inventory management and audits
  • Improved efficiency lead to short termed ROI
  • Improve asset utilization and visibility
  • Locate misplaced or lost assets
  • Identifying assets quickly and easily
  • Reducing theft by monitoring the movement of assets
  • Loss Prevention Management by Physical counting
  • Fully Integrable with existing SAP/ERP System
  • Easy Data import methods – support MS Excel


Visible Growth Analytics with Invisible Data Acquisition ... Improve warehouse efficiency with RFID Technology. i-TEK RFID enabled Warehouse Solution will improve the efficiency and visibility in your Warehouse. RFID or radio frequency identification is a system that transmits identity in the form of a unique serial number of a product wirelessly. RFID, a type of Auto-ID technology is used to reduce time and labour and improve real-time data accuracy.

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

Tough deadlines, the minute by minute pressure on all personnel in a warehouse or distribution center lead to an intensive, busy environment. Warehouse operations like planning and control of warehouse facilities and systems have become more complex in the supply chain. Warehousing is often needed to perform routine logistics operations such as stock storage, order status, paper processes, sorting, cycle counts, loading/unloading and customer service. This environment relies on having accurate information available at the right time to the right personnel. I-TEK Asset Tracking Solution with RFID solutions will help provide this information in a timely and reliable manner, greatly reducing errors and providing significant increases in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an operation. An RFID system is composed of tags or labels, printers, and readers (handheld or fixed) with different RF technologies support.

Access to real-time information ensures that the right tracking and the assets stock maintained. A quick scan of an RFID Tag provides instant verification that the right item has been picked for the listed shipment. The same way for getting the inventory IN to cross-check with GRN details. Warehousing and Distribution require rapid and accurate data collection to ensure reliable operations. The operating environment is aggressive, requiring rugged solutions like i-TEK RFID enabled Warehouse Solution.

i-TEK RFID solutions and the best cost-effective hardware with tags are ideal in these applications and help to enhance employee productivity. The key to deploying RFID Warehouse Software successfully is to first identify your biggest pain points and then choose the most cost-effective option to help eliminate them. RFID is becoming more and more popular in warehousing and many related industries for a variety of applications of identification and traceability.

Like Warehouses, Yards are the backbone of every manufacturing and supply chain business. In order to improve productivity and control, yards are using more and more RFID technology for day to day operations. This wireless technology increases the efficiency of yards management as, unlike bar codes which must be scanned manually to feed in the information. An RFID + GPS locating based i-TEK platform provides an interesting option to complement data collection, product identification and it's physical location with the help of RFID enabled Handheld devices, Forklift, RTG, Side Lifter and Reach Stacker in the supply chain management and warehouse operation.

i-TEK RFID solution in conjunction with a WMS is an excellent real-time business tool that helps better manage supply chains, covers goods entry, picking, checking, delivery and many other operations flows & increases profits and decreases the cost by improving visibility into Warehouse management system.


  • Smoother running warehousing operations - precisely know what and where inventory is.
  • Reduced costs of labour by reducing the workforce needed for tracking the items.
  • Reduces stocking inventory levels and related warehouse space requirements.
  • Assets additional data like .. acquisition date, expiry date, imaging, maintenance date. etc. can provide proof of condition for returns records, eliminating potential customer disputes.
  • On Premise or it can be completely Cloud based IoT infrastructure for online-offline support
  • Improve accountability in inventory and FIFO management and audits
  • Reduce costs by minimizing labor and administration
  • Locate misplaced or lost assets with Identifying assets quickly and easily
  • Fully Integrable with existing SAP/ERP System


RFID Simplifies Manufacturing Business Processes. The world of manufacturing is a competitive place. i-TEK Solutions are innovative and utilizing our experience, expertise, employing the latest technology and techniques. We deliver solutions to improve your operational efficiency, inventory levels and traceability of assets at the shop floor and beyond stages. More than a great technology, RFID is an excellent business tool that helps manage supply chains, increase traceability of assets in real-time and add profits in many ways.

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

i-TEK RFID platform enabled tracking for manufacturing, allows unique assets to be identified automatically, improving processes, efficiency and speed of identification. Multiple unique tags can be read at the same time even in hazardous environments providing correct RFID set up for the specific vertical requirements. Barcode labels are in use for production tracking and do provide an efficient alternative to manually detecting serial numbers — but the RFID asset tracking system provides multiple advantages over barcoding. RFID connects physical assets with the digital world making it IoT friendly with i-TEK Gateway Devices. We designed, built and integrated IoT / Industry 4.0 solutions on-site unmanned operations at many plants. RFID comes in many different material, shapes and sizes, i-TEK can help you to understand which is the best solution for your product application and provide every aspect of your required RFID solution including the following:

In manufacturing and distribution environments, the adoption of RFID technology for

  • Smoother-running business environments—knowing precisely where the inventory is
  • Increased throughput and productivity by Work in Progress traceability
  • Faster shipping and verifications
  • Better inventory management for FIFO and FILO requirements
  • Reduced labour costs by reducing the workforce needed for tracking and inventory management
  • Increased revenues/higher profits by tracking Shipping and Receiving, Staging at a different level, different Verification as per process requirements

i-TEK has been delivering successful RFID solutions for many years in many industries including Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, Ports, Construction, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Events improving safety, reducing costs and increasing throughput. The technology is developing at a remarkable rate and we are always testing the latest one to see how they perform in different environments of manufacturing. We work with different verticals to support them with RFID solutions types of passive tags as well as active tags, and with the best fit IoT Gateway to support multiple processes performing real-time and analytical outputs. We design our RFID solutions in a way that as new technologies become available, they are easily incorporated without having to completely rebuild your application meaning that you have the comfort of knowing that your implementation is future proof.

Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.
Any Industry. Any type of Asset. One i-TEK Asset Tracking Solution.

Passive RFID is the simplest of the three RFID configurations. Passive RFID tags are made up of integrated Circuit (IC) and an Antenna. Passive RFID tags do not include a constant power source or a battery. Passive RFID tags are simpler to manufacture than active RFID tags and therefore cost considerably less. Traditionally assets, pallets, cases and linked items used barcodes in receiving. Workers had to scan them one by one. With an RFID tag, all the items can be read at the same time by a handheld or by an RF portal reader which is usually placed on the dock door where they are unloaded from trucks. The exact method can be revised as per on-ground practices to reach the optimum accuracy levels.

Active RFID tags are typically used for large assets including big size products/storage, cargo containers, rail cars and containers etc. that requires transmission over long distances. Active RFID tags need power sources and transmitter/reader, require limited maintenance and are with added cost than Passive RFID tags. In tracking products throughout the supply chain, often active and passive RFID systems are combined to provide gain visibility where products are in real-time.

Few Benefits of the System

  • Asset visibility Increased asset utilization & visibility across enterprise
  • Reduced labour Over 90% time reduction to track assets over manual process
  • Increased automation Increased business efficiency, better resource planning
  • Meet Compliance Accurate & timely financial, and management reporting
  • Better customer service