Consulting Services

From problem definition to sustainability

Right approach is the building block of any technology implementation. It is never about tags and readers when it comes to RFID in Retail. It is about the Business Process Transformation. From problem definition to sustainable business model, i-TEK works with the customers on every minute details. The unique blend of industry insights and RFID expertise makes us the most trusted RFID Implementation partners across the retail industry.

The Challenge

  • Does RFID suit your retail business?
  • What are the industry standards and best practices?
  • Where, when and how to start?
  • How to build consensus amongst key stakeholders and management at large
  • Technology selection
  • Which tag to be used?
  • What should be the tagging process?
  • Which devices to be used?
  • How to derive RoI ?
  • Which use Use-cases are to be focussed during the implementation
  • The Need

  • Adoption of holistic and end-to-end approach
  • Cross-functional change management
  • Use-cases identification
  • Cost optimization and RoI Calculations
  • Integration interfaces and approach
  • Identification of customizations in RFID implementation to suit the specific needs
  • Our Solution

    With a pool of consultants having expertise in retail domain and RFID large-scale implementation, i-TEK is a trusted RFID Integrator across the Indian Retail Landscape. We provide strategic, end-to-end expertise to out customers which brings the solutions and economics work together for them.

    From problem definition till making use of RFID a sustainable business model, i-TEK works with the customers on every minute details.

    Due diligence with our industry and domain experts paved the way for retailers to get away from lost business sight due to the broken landscape of inventory accuracy. .

    Impact We Made

  • Helped more than 5 big box retailers to embark on RFID Retail journey successfully to achieve their business KPIs
  • 100 million + items already tagged and 1000 articles getting added every minute, our Retail RFID Experts helped the retailers in getting the tangible and intangible business benefits from RFID.
  • In turn, gives us an opportunity to delight our customers with enhanced OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY, COST OPTIMIZATION and enriched CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE .