Electronic Shelf Label

i-TEK’s leading Retail IoT platform combines the most advanced ESL technology, IoT ultra low-power communication infrastructure, good resolution color displays, ultra-high speed data transfer and LED-flashing, computer vision. Smart IoT based ESLs are now becoming the portal to an ever-increasing portfolio of multilocation stores and chain of companies. It helps them to keep track and prices uniformed across the network. Our smart shelf labels can be updated and monitored from the centralised location and can have monitor labels to create an audit trail for compliance (e.g. price changes have been made) to track history for big data analysis. Our cloud-based applications focused on store automation, shopper engagement and data analytics.

We support retailers all over the world in solving their digital labelling challenges and meeting new edge retail segment demands with improved store operations and task management. Our Electronic Shelf Labels are the highest quality and best performing available using our exclusive display technology. Lowest cost installation and maintenance using the least amount of hardware in-store of any vendor - with no need to close stores and disrupt shoppers as required.

i-TEK Display system is based on 2.4 Ghz two-way communication, which allows customers to dynamically manage prices and improve store productivity. i-TEK’s ESL system can be managed with other wireless tools, such as handhelds, mobile phones, or simply REP system connection.

Superior scalability and in-store engagement
  • Superior scalability to easily deploy and manage millions of IoT enabled electronic shelf labels, across thousands of stores
  • Highly secure end-to-end connectivity with unparalleled industry coverage, over-the-air (OTA) updates and zero interference with Wi-Fi networks
Smarter pricing. Stronger profits.
  • Change any price, anywhere throughout your supply chain
  • Partner with brands to promote their goods on your labels
  • Save time and money on manual, paper pricing

ESL Products