Fitting Room Analytics

Understand your customer behaviour

i-TEK Fitting Room Analytics solution give a granular view of what is striking to the customers and what not. Our solutions enable the retailers to drive more revenue by yielding valuable behavioural insights.

  • Cross Selling
  • Tried Items Conversion
  • Most Tried Brands and / or Most Abandoned Brands
  • Fitting Room Utilization
  • Comparative Analytics

The Challenge

  • No visibilty about customer fitting room behaviour
  • Lesser understanding on what is being tried and what is being sold
  • Unavailibility fitting room utilization data
  • The Need

  • Understand the pattern of tried items - Most tried brands and Least / Never tried brands
  • Visibility over items going into fitting rooms
  • Understand the pattern of fitting room utilization
  • Our Solution

    i-TEK Fitting Room Analytics solution gives the retailers a power to unveil the area of fitting room behavioural analysis.

    Retailers can design the planogram based on Customer behaviour and seasional patterns.

    Integrated i-TEK hardware with software platform provides ability to retailer to generate historical data and understand the customer choices.

    Impact We Made

  • With the help of actionable insights about latest trends and likings of customers, retailers have planned the next season designs, categories, colours and planogram by analysing the data related to tried items
  • With an implementation of complete fitting room analytics solution, retailers can now do data visualization and control
  • Retailers receive benefits of Business Intelligence like Top tried Brands, Fitting Room Conversion patterns and Fitting Room Utilization with time factoring
  • Detailed granular reports suit provides insights about geographical and seasional customer behavior