File and Document Tracking

i-TEK’s cloud and RFID based File and Document Tracking System is designed to empower user by equipping them with Identification Technology devices for faster and accurate identification and tracking the movement of the individual or multiple document or files at strategic locations.

Keeping track & maintaining large no of valuable documents/files for a long time is very important for Banks, Financial Companies, Insurance, Hospitals, Public Sector, Government Departments, Educational Institutions. Misplace or theft of confidential documents causes significant impact on the business & secrecy of an organization information. RFID technology enables a drastic improvement in tracking documents and secure them. i-TEK RFID File and Documents tracking solution enables an organization/department to identify, track, verify and manage documents. Our solutions can tag the important files, such as legal documents, signed contracts, accounting documents, wills, and deeds etc. We can even check the individual file and its linked documents inside the file at the time of issuing and returning from the authorities. Employees should also have visibility in the file access history of these critical documents, in case one is misplaced or lost.

i-TEK’s RFID based File Tracking Systems is designed to reduce employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace. Many businesses currently use basic methods to manage files, such as alphabetical filing, color-coded filing, or barcodes. RFID file management systems have become increasingly popular because they give employees enhanced visibility, while freeing up time previously spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents.

We provide all the necessary hardware and software to help companies manage their document and file tracking needs. Our RFID experts install all the project equipment for your file tracking system and provide training on how to use it. The software we provide will automatically update the records of each document with the location of documents through fixed RFID readers track and trace function throughout the building. We can even provide RFID cabinet to monitor who removes files/documents from the archives.

The hardware used in this document and file tracking system includes fixed, desktop, and mobile RFID readers, passive RFID tags, and RFID printers. RFID tags help in tracking the location of each file on the shelf, and files/documents can be classified by different categories, much like it happens at present. The server that runs the system can integrate with existing software or excel worksheet. It is allowing staff to search for files/documents and identify which shelf the files/documents are on, even if they are misplaced in a different section they can be searched and traced with the Handheld Reader expeditiously.


  • Automated & Effective File and Document tracking real-time tracking, searching location & availability.
  • Eliminate manual entry of same information at multiple locations.
  • Locate and retrieve files quickly and efficiently with keeping a record of the holder.
  • Risk of misplace or theft of document is controlled.
  • Improves inventory Management with digital sign-off of files dispatched and received.
  • Read multiple files in one go to keep up records for stack audit records.

Paper label tag

  • Rapid Locating of Files/Documents.
  • Fast and flexible locating of files/documents increases the productivity of the staff and enhances the customer experience.
  • File Audit is done with 90% time-saving.
  • Search and Locate the desired file out of hundreds or thousands of files.

Benefits of RFID in
Document/File Tracking

Rapid Check-In/Check-Out

  • The use of RFID reduces the amount of time required to perform standard operations. The most significant time savings are attributable to the anti-collision RF algorithm that allows many tags to be read simultaneously with excellent accuracy.
  • As one tag carries out both the identification and security function, a considerable increase in throughput is achieved.
  • There are two ways to have issue and receive; automated-one with the standard staff assisted issue/return and the second with the self-check-In & Out process with i-TEK Kiosk. For staff, using self-check In/Out, there is a marked improvement because they do not have to carefully place materials within a designated template and they can check in-out multiple files/documents simultaneously.

High Reliability of i-TEK system

  • The readers and accessories are highly reliable. RFID file and document tracking systems claim a high detection rate using the recommended setup.
  • RFID tags on files/documents are well proven with a required read detection range.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technology is a proven technology that is being used to enable real-time data capture. RFID is helping organisations automating their Inventory Management and Asset Management Processes. RFID can be effectively used to manage files and other sensitive documents within organizations.

Why RFID Based File Management?

  • Information Management & Secrecy is critical to ensure proper knowledge management in an organisation.
  • Automation of issue/receipt of documents with a digitized record with high traceability.
  • Having Real-Time information on the movement of files within an organization is critical.
  • Lost documents mean loss of knowledge stored in the document. For organization loss of documents can be catastrophic.
  • Properly tracked documents provide cost-time-information savings in terms of reduced effort to locate a document.

Easy to go Process:

  • When a file is created, it is given an RFID label tag encoded with a unique EPC number.
  • Using i-TEK RFID file management software, the EPC number is associated with information about the file such as Name, Number, Documents, etc.
  • When you need to find a specific file, just search the file by name or number in the software and input that unique EPC number into your RFID handheld reader. The handheld will then use its Geiger Counter-like functionality to find the file.
  • Additionally, fixed RFID readers and antennas are commonly used in file and document management solutions as well. Typically, these systems track the chain-of-custody of files and documents.
  • Also, take a look at these helpful guides, infographics, and articles that we created to help you quickly learn the ins-and-outs of RFID file tracking. In these guides, we offer our RFID hardware recommendations for different types of file tracking systems suitable for various office environments.