i-TEK – Where vegetarianism is a way of life.

Did you know that Mukesh Ambani, Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan and Virat Kohli have something in common? What possibly could be similar among a leading industrialist, a political leader, a brilliant actor and a world-class athlete? The answer is their choice of food. All of them are vegetarians and they totally justify the proverbial saying - ‘You are what you eat’

The food we eat nourishes the cells in our body which influence our body, mind and soul. And by adopting vegetarianism, one can ensure holistic physical, psychic and spiritual development.

Vegetarianism is one of the core values at i-TEK.

Our Saatvik Ahar Policy is based on the principle of ‘Sattva’ which means purity, health, balance and well-being. As Saatvik food keeps a person calm and boosts the immune system, we do not allow consumption of any form of non-vegetarian food in our premises. Besides promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, plant-based food is also known to reduce risk of cardio-vascular and other diseases.

So, while the medical world is discovering innumerable benefits of following a vegetarian diet, we have already been advocating this as the most natural way to eat for sustainable health. When cooked with love, and eaten with gratitude and awareness, vegetarian food will build much more than a healthy body and mind – it will build a balanced society for one and all.

Listen to Amol Deshpande, Head of Admin and Employee Relations at i-TEK talk about unlocking the magic of Sattva.

Let’s all switch to this green habit and make the world a better place.